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July 08, 2004 



Wieland Consulting is a small privately held company formed exclusively to assist schools, districts, and other education related institutions to obtain funding through competitive grant opportunities. Education experts with proven records of fundraising success lead our efforts.

Our principal consultant, Sharon Wieland, holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Linguistics with an emphasis in composition from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has been instrumental in securing more than $15 million dollars in state and federal funds for schools and districts in California over the last seven years, and has reached a personal success rate of over 70% of funded proposals. Dr. Wieland has more than 30 years of classroom experience and 10 years of administrative experience at both the site and district office level and draws on her experience and expertise in professional development, literacy and language development, developing learning communities, coordinating teacher support programs, curriculum alignment with state standards, and multiple measures development for all curricular areas. She holds a general secondary teaching credential, a community college teaching credential, and an administrative services credential.

Dr. Wieland maintains a working relationship with a comprehensive group of affiliates in all arenas of the education world and partners with affiliates as required to meet the needs of her clients. Our staff includes Guinness Wieland, who provides client services in technical assistance, funding research, data collection tool development, data collection and management, website design and management, database design, and other assistance.

Wieland Consulting

July 08, 2004 



  • Grant Writing
    This service is for clients who need substantial assistance with the proposal development process. Wieland Consulting will prepare, write, and produce your entire proposal or application. We will work closely with you and your staff to develop a grant proposal that will meet your needs and have the best possibility of being funded.

  • Program Evaluation
    This service is for clients who need a professional external evaluator for a program. Wieland Consulting will assist you in understanding the full implementation process for your program, facilitating collaborative meetings, developing data and information collection procedures and tools, collecting data, analyzing the information, and preparing the required progress and final evaluation reports.

  • Group Process Facilitation
    This service is for clients who need an outside facilitator for almost any kind of meeting. Wieland Consulting will assist you with agenda preparation, meeting planning, meeting facilitation, and meeting summaries. We are specialists in strategic planning, curriculum development, professional development, collaborative planning, and problem solving processes. We have experience in working with teacher groups, administrator groups, parent groups, community groups, and all kinds of collaborative groups.

  • Additional Services

    • Proposal Review Service
      This service is designed for clients who have written a draft proposal and need professional assistance with review and critique according to the funder's requirements in the Request for Proposals or Request for Applications (RFP or RFA). Wieland Consulting will review your draft and other submission documents and provide you with a written critique of the draft proposal, a telephone debriefing, and a review and critique of your revised proposal draft if requested.

    • Editing Service
      This service is designed for clients who have written a complete draft proposal and need a professional editor's assistance. Wieland Consulting will provide specific editing suggestions in grammar, spelling, word choice, and sentence construction that will make your proposal draft more polished, readable, clear, and concise.

    • Grants Planning Services
      This service is designed for clients who need consulting support in planning for future funding needs. Wieland Consulting will help you design an overall multiple year plan for future funding and will bring funding possibilities to your attention. A comprehensive needs assessment that includes survey research and focus group interviews will be included as needed.

Wieland Consulting

July 08, 2004 



Contact Wieland Consulting when you need

  • A professional writer to develop and write your grant application from start to finish
  • A professional external evaluator for any funded program that you have
  • A facilitator for any type of meeting, collaborative group, or planning session
  • Technical assistance with grant writing, progress reports, or program implementation

Funding opportunities are continuously becoming available. Contact Wieland Consulting

  • For assistance on researching funding possibilities
  • To plan long-term funding strategies
  • To discuss possible funding opportunities
  • To determine which funding opportunities are right for your organization

Wieland Consulting

July 08, 2004 



Located near the State capital, the California Department of Education, and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing in midtown Sacramento, California, Wieland Consulting is poised to meet the needs of schools, districts, and other institutions related to education throughout California. We specialize in serving schools and districts with high need populations and are experienced in designing programs for poor students and their families, students who speak English as a second language, and students who are not meeting educational standards. Wieland Consulting will meet with you in any area throughout California and will work diligently to understand your specific needs and programmatic ideas.

• Contacting Wieland Consulting •

By Mail:
2014 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

By eMail:

By Phone:
916-606-8235 or

Wieland Consulting

July 08, 2004 



Purpose: Wieland Consulting's Purpose is to write grants, to evaluate programs and to support our clients at a highly competent and professional level. We believe that our reputation will support us.

Philosophy: Wieland Consulting values its clients and maintains confidentiality, understanding, quality products and services, a supportive environment, and joy in our work.

Wieland Consulting

July 08, 2004 



Fee structures are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Wieland Consulting will find a way to make it possible for your organization to afford our services. In general, we can offer several different options for your consideration and the agreed upon option will be specified in your individual contract.

Option 1: Flat Rate for grant writing—a fixed fee to be paid upon submission of the grant.

Option 2: Partial Contingency for grant writing—a fixed amount to be paid upon submission of the grant application PLUS a predetermined amount to be paid only if the grant application is funded.

Option 3: Full Contingency for grant writing—a predetermined amount to be paid only if the grant application is funded.

Fees for evaluation services and other consulting services are always negotiable according to the specific needs of each client.

Wieland Consulting

July 08, 2004 


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