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This is just a gameboard for like monopoly or something. It doesn't do anything yet, but I have hope for the future. It is all in tables, and basically ugly code. I made it a while ago, and would do it differently now.


This is a simple script that gets the current date and displays it. I know there are easy ways to do this, but I wanted to learn about the date object.


The first editor is actually a slick little thing. enter some text into the top box then press the button. The text will display on the page. Each of the words in the text is selectable in the new area. Select a word and apply a style or two. Click produce html to get some really awful looking code, but it should work right. I like this one, even though it isn't practical.


This is similar to the above editor, but more with leading and trailing effects. This was meant to export something to a different program for handling.


Afraid to put your real email address on the web? Help is here. Kind of clumsy, but it works.


This is for fun. I made this early on, and would certainly display the text differently now, but whatever. It was an early trial for me with javascript arrays.


This is my test for parsing an xml file with javascript and displaying the results. Simple, but I think I'll probably use this in the future.


This is slick. Enter the number to display per page in the first box, and a total number in the second. Check it out.


This is just a trick to pull array elements and display them without tables, but with a table look. About ugly as sin too.


I have to figure out what is wrong with this one. The idea is searchable arrays, and resulting layout. I'll fix this sometime. I know it used to work.


Timeout used to slide elements together on a page. Not to hard.


Took me the longest time to figure out how to make z-index work right in css. I think that they all have to be absolutely positioned. Here it is in action. Always thought this would be cool for like a page turning effect on a webpage.


Enter a start date and two times to schedule the time block. Bizarre calculations going on here. Plus the date seems to be wonky. Still I think there may be potential here for something.


Selector is a template page for something I never finished. It uses all kinds of things. Arrays. Silly sliding header. Pagination (search for "s" in box). Mouseover detail display. Random number selection. Search by letter ("T" has a result). Drop-down menus. Proprietary transparency. Curved corners on a box (mozilla-based only). Plus, look at the source on this one. This page is all client side includes. Very silly, and cool.

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