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So, I got it and it rules. I am working on it right now, and it seems do be pretty good for simple typing, but I am slow anyway, so I don’t notice the slowdown as much as some would. All in all I am pretty pleased with the small amount of things I have [...]

Nothing of Note

My mind reels to think that I haven’t written anything here since January, and I don’t even have the Facebook excuse. I think I will change the format around here to reflect my apparent lack of interest in regular blog-type posting. There are still things to write about, but I think I want to go [...]

Mangled and Twisted, I lie By the Side of the Road

My back has been totally torqued for seven months now, and I’m pretty sure there is no end in sight. I would kill myself, but I got all this other shit to do. I wonder if thinking about my back hurting all the time makes my back hurt all the time. Anyway. Enough of that [...]

I’ll Have Been Back

Three days across country, and here I am. More news to follow.

Update/Upgrade in Progress

I am in the process of updating all the sites that I have a hand in, so if you notice anything wonky around here, that is why. More news to come! Remain calm!