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iPhone iCon

I have added icons for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Now if you are on this site and click the add to home screen button, you will get a snappy little icon for this site rather than a thumbnail of the page itself. I know how many of you want to be able to access [...]

Master Rater

Have you ever looked at the movie ranking on sites like imdb, and thought to yourself, “that is so fucked up and in stupid order, that I think a trained monkey could come up with a better list”? Well I have. It bothered me enough that I decided to make my very own listing dingus [...]

Waste of Time

The call has gone out for something really useless, and I am not one to ignore it. I sometimes play a little Civilization 4, and was thinking about maps and stuff, so I decided to create a little script to create a random map (refresh to see it in action). It doesn’t do anything or [...]

To All the Crap I’ve Done Before

I was just looking through my website at all of the silly crap that is lying around. It is something I like to do periodically. Here is a partial list of what I have found lurking about. Most of it is entirely useless and just silly, but it does show a developmental process. Compared to [...]