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426,248 to Go

I have lots of plans. First of all, how are you? Itís been a while since I have said anything here, but that doesnít mean that I havenít been thinking of it. Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, on to business. I am currently working on the hardwood floor on the [...]

Master Rater

Have you ever looked at the movie ranking on sites like imdb, and thought to yourself, “that is so fucked up and in stupid order, that I think a trained monkey could come up with a better list”? Well I have. It bothered me enough that I decided to make my very own listing dingus [...]

100 People

I was thinking a while back about the entirety of human history. Not to say all of the events in it, but the history itself. Suddenly it struck me that though things like the Civil War seemed to be a while ago, they really were not long ago at all. When my parents were kids [...]

Today in the News

Paris Hilton valued at some big pile of money, still worthless as a human. Astronomers decide Pluto is not a planet. Everyone else decides, who gives a shit? The Evolution of Creative Oversights. Something is wrong with the New York Times site and I have to click “Back” several time to actually get off the [...]

A Few Minutes With Internet Explorer Seven

The new beta release for Explorer 7 is available now. I downloaded it, and my early impressions are generally good. The interface is dramatically better than past generations. The toolbars take up far less room on the screen than before, and are well laid out, though the change may take a little getting used to [...]