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Thanksgiving ’08

Toggle I totally keep forgetting that my new menu for Thanksgiving this year is basically done with just a couple of things left to add. The missing things are minor and will not be known until shortly before the event itself. If you are among those attending the festivities this year, this is presented to [...]

Yet Another Thing We Have in Common with Babylon

Sometime last week I made what Iím sure will be the last trip I will ever make to Tower Books. The Tower location I always went to was the original location right across from the Tower theater on Broadway in Sacramento. I even remember going to Tower Drug, where Tower Records started, before it closed, [...]

I’ve Got Pointless by the Case

It has been a while since I made any real change around here, so I decided to whip up some quick logos. They are the kind of thing that will be looked at in a couple of years as being amateurish and passé. What may look shiny and new now is really a pretty hackneyed [...]

No Longer Simply Speculation

John Saca has secured a loan from Deutsche Bank for $375 million that will allow him to start on the foundations for Sacramento’s largest building as soon as next month. I was wondering if this deal was actually going to come through, but it looks solid now. Periodically there have been reports of stuff like [...]

And Now This Message

In this era of TiVo and remote controls, there seems to be less and less reason to watch any commercials at all. I should also point out, conversely, that it is also the era of Survivor and American Idol, so there may be nothing but commercials to watch. There are a few newish campaigns that [...]