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AllGuinness : Mangled and Twisted, I lie By the Side of the Road
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Mangled and Twisted, I lie By the Side of the Road

My back has been totally torqued for seven months now, and I’m pretty sure there is no end in sight. I would kill myself, but I got all this other shit to do. I wonder if thinking about my back hurting all the time makes my back hurt all the time.

Anyway. Enough of that stuff that nobody really cares about.

Even though I can’t walk, really, I am planning on getting in shape and all that, as per usual. Specifically, I am planning on running a marathon in January of 2010. This gives me a year, which is totally unrealistic. It is funny when I tell people I know about my plans. They all just look at me like they are trying not to laugh in my face. I don’t blame them. It seems highly unlikely that I will make any progress, much less enough to actually run a marathon. Still, what am I supposed to do, not have plans?

To track my so-called progress, I have created (yet again) another section of this site where I will blog about my experience. This is likely to be uplifting and motivational, if I’m any judge of my prevailing attitude, so get in at the beginning, and don’t miss a single exciting episode.

Catch the updates starting tomorrow at:
How I Completely Changed My Life and Ran a Marathon (Forward Looking), in Ten Million Easy Steps

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  1. Erik | February 21, 2009 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    Hey Guinness!

    Good on ya for setting a goal like running a marathon. Even if you don’t make it, the effort is worth it. I’ve been thinking about trying to do some mountain bike races this coming summer but haven’t yet committed.

    Can you drop me an email? I’d like to discuss something with you but seem to have lost your email address in my many mail client migrations.

  2. jjh | May 28, 2009 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    How goes the “training,” Giggles?…

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