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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

Bully! Bully!

Here is the result of my dumb hair experiment. It’s like 1895 all over again. This, my friends, is how I roll.


I saw this on Metafilter and it just works. Garfield minus Garfield

Where There’s Smoke

It has been almost exactly three years since I have had a cigarette, yet last night I had a dream that I was smoking again.  In the dream I had also quit, but at some time in the past I decided to take it up again.  I was conflicted about this in the dream, realizing [...]

iPhone iCon

I have added icons for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Now if you are on this site and click the add to home screen button, you will get a snappy little icon for this site rather than a thumbnail of the page itself. I know how many of you want to be able to access [...]