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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006

The Tree the Ate Christmas

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday and oh boy what a tree. The tree is ten feet tall, as mandated by our ceiling, but it is also about ten or eleven feet wide, and Iím not kidding about that. We havenít decorated it yet, but we will get to that today. I love Christmas [...]

Yet Another Thing We Have in Common with Babylon

Sometime last week I made what Iím sure will be the last trip I will ever make to Tower Books. The Tower location I always went to was the original location right across from the Tower theater on Broadway in Sacramento. I even remember going to Tower Drug, where Tower Records started, before it closed, [...]

Who’s Hungry?

Today I’m doing some advanced prep for my Thanksgiving dinner. As I mentioned before, I am using a little bit of an Italian theme, but today much of what I am making is going to be more traditional desserts. Can’t have too many I say, so I’m going to make five pies. I am making [...]

Outlook Cloudy

Normally I find tag clouds to be a stupid way to display information, but occasionally I can appreciate their use for a specific type of data. I thought that on the eve of this election, that everyone won’t shut the hell up about, that this tag cloud showing frequency of words used in presidential speeches [...]