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{ Monthly Archives } September 2006

Keep It Down, You Damn Kids

Wife and I found out on Friday that we will be having a girl, so there’s that. I have no particular thoughts on that, other than it is conveniant to know. Here is the required copy of her ultrasound for public viewing: At home we recently replaced the ropes in a couple of old double [...]

Vista Point Ahead

A couple of days ago I downloaded the new Windows Vista (rc1) and installed it on this here laptop computer.  I was too afraid to install it on my main computer, but this computer is really better than my desktop anyhow, so it is probably a better choice to test it out on.  As it [...]

I Can Read, but Just a Little

Have you heard of Daily Lit? It is perfect for someone like me who would like to maybe read a couple of things, but lacks the discipline to actually pick up a book and get it done. I saw this on Get Rich Slowly, and went there immediately. You sign up and select a book [...]

Master Rater

Have you ever looked at the movie ranking on sites like imdb, and thought to yourself, “that is so fucked up and in stupid order, that I think a trained monkey could come up with a better list”? Well I have. It bothered me enough that I decided to make my very own listing dingus [...]

Daddy, What’s a Record Store?

This thing is too cool to pass up. Music all over. Some things I couldn’t find, but much I could. Really nice interface and responsive application. I love it. BlogMusiK