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{ Monthly Archives } July 2006

Let Me Ask You Something

How do you whisper in Chinese?

Get Outta’ My Dreams

Strangest thing happened to me this morning. Last night I fell asleep watching Conan O’Brien, so the television was left on to the NBC. It was still on at a little after five in the morning when I woke up a little. There on the TV was Chief Rockediller. He was dressed up like a [...]

Doesn’t Seem to be a Shadow in the City

This weekend will be 107 here in Sacramento, and in addition to being a sure sign of the apocalypse, that is just too damn hot for real life, so I am off to Jenner where the temperatures promise to be more realistic. This not only makes me more comfortable, but also makes me better than [...]

The Sheriff is an Apatosaurus

The trip to Chicago was a mixed success. Actually, it was better than just mixed, though there were a couple of things that frustrated me on the trip. Wife and I left out from Sacramento around noon on a Thursday. Driving at a good pace, we made Salt Lake City that evening. We were up [...]