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{ Monthly Archives } February 2006

I’m Hip. Honestly

I have added a couple of things to my sidebar that bring me a little closer to being one of the cool internet kids. Still not there, but a little closer. They are added under the conjoined section of the links, and are for idiotic, yet useful, and mostly social networkable, things. I don’t use [...]

Idiotic Wrap-Up

I’m glad to see that the Ohio Board of Education has pulled its head out of its ass. Really, when you think about it, why does Ohio act so right wing and southern? It is a primarily industrial state, and clearly shared more with New York than with Alabama. Same goes for Pennsylvania. Stop trying [...]

California Prepares for the Arrival of Commander Plaza

Just as Torino had prepared for the Olympic Games, so has California as a whole prepared for the upcoming arrival of Commander Plaza. Though the Commander has visited the Golden State in the past, it is this return to the land of his birth on a more permanent basis that has residents really excited. Gladys [...]

In Ancient Cartoon News

I saw on Slashdot that Disney had re-acquired the rights to the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit from General Electric. If you are a Disney spaz, like I am, this is interesting, though practically without any actual impact. Oswald was a character developed by Disney in the days before Mickey Mouse. The character was rather [...]

Our President is a Threat to American Values

We cannot let the fact that America hasn’t been attacked in 41/2 years since September the 11th lull us into the illusion that the threats to our nation have disappeared. They have not. Why not make the logical leap that we cannot trust those damn Japs? After all it has only been 60 some years [...]