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{ Monthly Archives } July 2005


The biggest problem I am having with this new setup is the comments. I can’t seem to make them work quite the way I want them to yet. There are some things about this whole program that I am a little iffy on, and am considering writing my own to do all of theings I [...]


THe update is complete, and a little odd. I still have to figure out how a few things work.

Hang On to Your Hats

This is an admin note. It applies to all affiliated AllGuinness.com blogs. I am going to attempt to upgrade Movable Type to version 3.2 BETA. I don’t know what I am doing though, so who knows what effect this will have. Hopefully you will be able to use the new version as easily as the [...]

I’m a Possibility

Call your local political type person, and tell them to exert whatever influence they have in my favor. I promise to fight for purity in constitutional law, and all that shit!