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{ Monthly Archives } June 2005

This PR is Risky Business

Is all of this recent apparent insanity of Tom Cruise

Christian Bale is Hot!

I saw American Psycho, and while I liked it, I thought it had some significant failings in comparison with the novel. I liked Bale in the main role though, but I wasn

But, if You Don

There is a lot of fear among the regularly frightened about Google. It really started back when Gmail was first emerging, and the fears that Google was going to read all of the email on the planet or something. I covered this particular aspect some time ago in Pimpgnosis. I concur that there are some [...]

Wow, On All Ten Counts?



Have you been feeling like there really ought to be more uplifting propaganda related to this site? Yeah, me too. I made this as a slick poster for my Caf