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{ Monthly Archives } August 2004

Notes and Notes

First, The Guestwriter contest. I was pretty much ready to call the contest as another no-show, but I received a note by someone who was trying to submit an entry but it was bounced back to them. I don

Bigger and Badder than Ever, It


Fevered Visions

Last night I had a fever for about six hours. It was a little intense, but broke without too much trouble, and now I feel alright again. During that time though I had the usual trouble sleeping, and what sleep I did get was punctuated by odd fever driven dreams. In most of them I [...]

Site Swiffer

This month is the anniversary of this weblog, and I think the showing over the last year has been respectable, though not constant, or particularly stellar. My visits are fine though they remain on the low end. No biggie. I like visits, but decided long ago that I would never be able to compete with [...]

Pop and No Kick

First with the back problem, and later with pure laziness, I have moved so far away from the computer that I have totally neglected that portion of my activities. I think others would embrace this as an opportunity to throw off the shackles and join the real life, but I do not. My real life [...]