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{ Monthly Archives } June 2004


All this time I had been thinking that there was just some fuck-up by some individual in the chain of command that would allow american soldiers to torture prisoners, either of war or for other reasons. It never occurred to me that the need and legality of torture would even have been discussed. We are [...]


Have you noticed how frequently obesity researchers are quoted in articles about health? This must be a huge field. I didn’t even know. Today I read another such article in the NY Times. It uses as its source the very respected Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, the discoverer of leptin. This is a pivotal discovery in the [...]

Screeching Monkeys

Do you hear monkeys? Right there. There it was again. What? I think it’s coming from behind that shack. Run. Run from the screeching monkeys. In order to keep my social schedule as limited as possible, I actively skip things I could be doing with people. There was a big bachelor party this last weekend [...]

Comment Spam Finally Got Me Off My Ass

I have become so bored with comment spam that I finally went and installed MT-Blacklist. It was pretty easy, so now I’ll see how well it works. All related blogs to this site will also be affected, so hopefully they won’t have to deal with this too much in the future. We’ll see.

Lazy Beyond All Reason

Ever have a weekend where you did nothing? A three-day? This weekend was less eventful than a grass grow. I was amazed at my ability to do nothing at all. I lazed in bed and watched TV. On Sunday I sat at the computer for a big chunk of the day and played CivIII. On [...]