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{ Monthly Archives } May 2004

What for the Three-Day

There are a couple of movies coming out this weekend that I am somewhat interested in seeing, and none of them is The Day After Tomorrow. I would like to see Coffee and Cigarettes and Saved. The first is a collection of vignettes and promises to be interesting if not compelling. It just has people [...]

When There is Nothing to Say, Updates Get Meaningless

What have I been up to? Thanks for asking! Got three more DVDs over the weekend, so that’s good. Strange Brew, Beetlejuice, and Strictly Ballroom. Actually I had Strictly Ballroom before but had lent it to somebody. My policy is to not worry about ever getting these things back. That will only cause me stress. [...]

Pimpgnosis Update

I update a bit too frequently on the state of Pimpgnosis, but I don’t want you to miss anything. The ball seems to be rolling right along now with a new batch of entries. Josh Pulliam continues his reports on his plans to take over the world. Victor Charlie has the first installment of a [...]

Pop Quiz Answer Key

I got a couple of people answering my pop quiz, and that’s not bad. I’m surprised when visitors here ever take part in my reindeer games. I try and be a little more on the interactive side, but attract an audience that has no interest in interaction. I’m not complaining about it, it’s just an [...]


I am the fattest I have ever been. No big shock there. I have made plans in the past to lost weight and get back in shape and live a healthier lifestyle, and each has failed. This time I have made an all new plan, though it is similat in most respects to the others. [...]