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{ Monthly Archives } January 2004

Who Wins?

This week Pixar decided to stop talks with Disney on the two companies’ continuing partnership. Disney has the rights to the next two Pixar films, but for films after that, Pixar has decided to look elsewhere for a distributor. Both of these companies kind of screwed this up. Disney had a pretty lopsided original contract [...]

Blinky Links for Everyone

A while back Johnny Huh? of Intellectual Poison made a remark on another blog about how he would like to see how blogs linked together, their relationships and all that. This started me thinking thinking about how I could represent this on my own blogroll. I came up with the javascript that currently makes my [...]

A Select Group of Unrelated Topics

My father returned from his trip abroad last night. For the last month he has travelled through Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. He brought me a couple of cool things, including a very cool shirt from Fiji. Incidentally, I think the word Fiji looks cool in print. Hawaii too. Whatever. The shirt is XXXL, and [...]


I have finally updated my links a little. I had to remove one site that has gone away, but I added a few more, on the net. It is always a big deal for me as I have to go and update all my little highlighting things. I like the highlighting. Check out the new [...]

Announcing Guestwriter Contest v.9mm

The clamor for the next round of the Guestwriter contest is practically overwhelming. I can’t take the pressure anymore, and must now release it. Ahh. That’s better. So here we are at another round of the game that is sweeping… Well, sweeping this room, is about as far as I can go. Seriously. I hope [...]