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{ Monthly Archives } December 2003

See, #

Man, that picture on the page is totally freaking me out. It is too odd to come to my page and see freaky-me staring back out. Tonight I will shave off all my hair. This, it addition to making me look goofier in general, will also expose the eczema around my ears. This is mildly [...]

Run for the Hills!

Now this is a little on the creepy tip. Here is part of a picture a friend sent me from last Friday. Get out while you still can. It’ll be worse even when I shave my head tonight. She said my head should be anchored down with ropes, like in a parade. Too, too true.

Where Am I?

The NYTimes talks about the increase in drinking around the holidays, and why the trend towards syrupy sweet martini style drinks will leave you with a morning you will wish hadn’t happened. The Orlando Sentinel looks at some of those new hangover pills and chit. Wow. This idea is so monumentally bad, I just hopes [...]

North to Alaska

I think that now that I have no definite plans for New Years Eve, I will head over to Jenner on Wednesday night after work. I’ll end up the new year alone, as per instructions, which is a little sad, but no more so than just going to the bar and hanging out there. I [...]

Mad Cow

So, I ended up not dying yet from the liver failure, but now I’m pretty sure I’ve got the Mad Cow. Watch out for me! I’ve got the Mad Cow!