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{ Monthly Archives } September 2003

Varied Reactions

A reader here recently told me about her reaction to the Jenner Ca. play I wrote that she read on this site. I’m an introspective guy by nature. It is a byproduct of being self centered. At the same time I never took it very seriously. I wrote the play as a comedy. Sure the [...]

Style Switch

I an effort to give my site every possible gimmick, I have added a little style switcher to the right box. Some people add these, and rightly so, to give more accessibility, but mine does nothing really, except to give a quick change of scenery. Later I’ll probably add more useful sheets, but for now, [...]

Big Surprise

So, I decided to go out last night after all. I know huh? I about as shocked as anyone. Last night was all about Guinness beer and Jameson. A pretty good match. Seems like wherever I am, but especially at the bar, people ask my name. Normal there, but their first reaction is to tell [...]

Another Meaningless Update

It was bothering me, so I went and updated the way comments are taken here. It still comes to me as an email, and I still have to create the post manually, not that I mind, but now it at least looks something more like what other sites use. I am still considering an xml [...]

Take a Meeting

I recently met with Commander Plaza and the Lawyer. I am pleased to report that they were both in high spirits, and reported general success in their recent endeavors. The Lawyer did express some concern over abandoning his people to pursue a more steady leisurely life, but there were hints that subversion is at hand. [...]