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Party Like it’s 1969

Let us say it is 1969. You live in California. Probably, but not necessarily, in some recently built suburb. You almost certainly have a subscription to Sunset magazine. It is March and the new issue has arrived at your house, covered in bright yellow daisies.

It wasn’t until recently that I gave Sunset a second thought. I knew it existed, but didn’t think it really applied to me. My mom read it. She probably even read this March 1969 issue when it was new. Then my wife (hereafter referred to as Wife) came across a big pile of them for practically free at an estate sale.

I consider myself something of an adventurous cook. Not everything turns out, but I am always looking to try different stuff from around the world, using new techniques and combinations. Upon looking at these Sunset magazines I realized that looking through time is a lot like looking through space when it comes to food.

Sure many of the things are bound to be the same as they are now, but as I started to read I realized just how different and interesting it was. Some sounds terrible and some great. Some I have no idea what the result will be.

Anyhow, my mission over the next year is to cook my way through the March 1969 issue of Sunset magazine. Why only one issue? Unlike the new version of Sunset (to which I now subscribe), which has a large pile of recipes in each issue, the old ones were more, more like a cookbook a month.

To wit:
Brown Stock
Caldo Xochilt
Petite Marmite
Baked Beans with Beef
Oatmeal Coffee Bread
Short Ribs with Noodles
Asparagus and eggs, Amadine
Spinach and Bacon salad
Pie Cherry Cake
Danish two-way cheesecake
Mandarin Orange Cheese Cream
Chilled Apricot Souffle
Raspberry Yogurt Parfait
Pineapple and Praline Diamonds
Orange Espresso
Glazed pears rose
Lemon Ice
Strawberries in Champagne
Spanish Style herring sandwich
Herring and chilled egg sandwich
Westphalian herring sandwich
Bacon-tomato-herring sandwich
Quick bear claw pastries
Hungarian almond strudel
German Apple Strudel
Turkish custard Pastries
Austrian Cheese Strudel
Western Style Peking Duck
Quick Thousand Layer buns
Coconut Chicken with fresh fruit
Curry Dressed Green salad
toasted pound cake fingers
Lemon caraway pan steaks
Citrus salad
Apple cheesecake
Orange Marmalade coffee cake
Pork chops with apple slices
Sour cream apple souffle
Swedish coffee twists
Strawberry chicken salad
Asparagus chicken salad
Smoked tongue in madeira
Homemade plum sauce
plum basted pork loin
Clam Chowder Beauregard
Chorizo rice
Giovanni’s salad
Shanks’ Mayor
Stuffed Spinach roll
Fried Camembert with toast and jelly
Dill pickle cabbage salad
sweet-sour slaw
Bacon-curry slaw

So, fifty-five in all. I suppose you could cook them all in a month since many are meant as sides or desserts. You could, if you were insane. I am not insane enough to try that, so I am going to shoot for a year. I might finish early, and if I do, I only have about seventy more issues around to get through.

Smoked tongue in madeira? Give me a break. A vineyard?


So, I got it and it rules. I am working on it right now, and it seems do be pretty good for simple typing, but I am slow anyway, so I don’t notice the slowdown as much as some would. All in all I am pretty pleased with the small amount of things I have been able to do with it so far. I am working on the wordpress app for the iPad, and it seems to be a fairly good way to add stuff to a weblog, though I cannot say that I will be writing here with great frequency. That isn’t to say that I don’t have big plans for thee future with respect to writing and communication. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming issue of Adventurers Club Quarterly.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture also created on the iPad.

Nothing of Note

My mind reels to think that I haven’t written anything here since January, and I don’t even have the Facebook excuse. I think I will change the format around here to reflect my apparent lack of interest in regular blog-type posting. There are still things to write about, but I think I want to go about it in a different way.

On another note, my back is mostly better now, with only a little residual pain. Still fat as ever though.

For those that keep score.

Mangled and Twisted, I lie By the Side of the Road

My back has been totally torqued for seven months now, and I’m pretty sure there is no end in sight. I would kill myself, but I got all this other shit to do. I wonder if thinking about my back hurting all the time makes my back hurt all the time.

Anyway. Enough of that stuff that nobody really cares about.

Even though I can’t walk, really, I am planning on getting in shape and all that, as per usual. Specifically, I am planning on running a marathon in January of 2010. This gives me a year, which is totally unrealistic. It is funny when I tell people I know about my plans. They all just look at me like they are trying not to laugh in my face. I don’t blame them. It seems highly unlikely that I will make any progress, much less enough to actually run a marathon. Still, what am I supposed to do, not have plans?

To track my so-called progress, I have created (yet again) another section of this site where I will blog about my experience. This is likely to be uplifting and motivational, if I’m any judge of my prevailing attitude, so get in at the beginning, and don’t miss a single exciting episode.

Catch the updates starting tomorrow at:
How I Completely Changed My Life and Ran a Marathon (Forward Looking), in Ten Million Easy Steps

I’ll Have Been Back

Three days across country, and here I am.

More news to follow.

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